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Homeschooling Global Society

Homeschooling Global Society

Join our society of parents who wants to raise their children outside of the traditional system

Sir Ken Robinson
Author, Speaker and International Adviser on Education

Prepare your kids for the Future

We designed the Society for parents who understand the future is different and a traditional education for our children is no longer a good option. We plan to launch many services to help all of our kids become well-prepared and successful global citizens.

Opt Out from the 

Traditional Education Model

We want  to be the alternative for traditional education, and we encourage you to consider homeschooling or unschooling your kids.

Peter Gray
Psychologist and Author of Freedom to Learn


  • A higher quality education
  • Our kids actually love learning this way
  • They can learn at their own pace and in the ways they learn best
  • Ability to support a child with different abilities ie. a highly gifted child or one with learning disabilities
  • Our kids can follow the passions and topics that interest them
  • Creativity and imagination are nurtured and celebratedImproved confidence and mental health
  • Improved social interactions by meeting up with other like-minded families in person or online
  • Ability to educate children during a family relocation or while traveling or worldschooling
  • Ability to teach your children your family’s values, not those of the school or governmentImproves our relationship with our kids. 
  • Life is about relationships, not test scores!
  • Results in more free-thinking future workers, creators, professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • They are more able to fulfill their potential


  • Over-testing, competitive and “rigorous” academic environments
  • A ridiculous volume of homework and busy work
  • Forced to learn things of little interest or are even applicable in today’s world
  • Traditional model’s aim is to educate future obedient office and factory workers
  • Bullying, increases in depression and anxiety and an overall negative social environment
  • Trauma from authoritarian teachers and school districts
  • Schools kill creativity

Connect and Create Meaningful Relationships

Our goal is to create meaningful relationships and build a worldwide tribe of like-minded families. Please join us!

Our online meetups

A Library of Master Classes on Parenting and Education At Your Fingertips

With about 40 hours of interviews and more to come in the future, our experts are here for you. The Galileo Society is like having your own personal parenting library.

Pam Larrichia
Creator of Exploring Unschooling podcast

Pat Farenga
Leading Homeschooling Advocate and protégé of John Holt

And many more....

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